Wednesday, September 30, 2015

On the Malice of Bugs

When I took a walk today tiny gnats swarmed in clouds around me.  They stayed with me for a good clip of my route as if magnetized to my face.  
Annoyed, I tried my best to ignore them, but I soon got amply frustrated.  It seemed as if they were trying to ruin the outing, holding me back as well as they could with their muted buzzing and dangerously close proximity to my eyes.  I imagined they were deriving amusement from it all.

Which, of course, is ridiculous. 

Though my knowledge of biology is shaky, I doubt the the bugs were actively attempting to foil my walk. 

I thought on the way home that I needed a mental reset; I was thinking of things in an unhealthy way.  Not only were the bugs not “out to get me,” but wasn’t it just plausible that the converse was true, that the bugs were swarming me because they wanted to join in and accompany me on my walk?

Feeling beaten down is always a choice.  Stress and frustrations from dealing with diabetes easily brings us to a place where negativity seems the most real, but we have to clean our lenses to see things for what they are.